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Dressing Plates

Dressing Plates


We have been making these for quite some time in the shop and decided to offer them for the DIY builder! 

These dressing plates are made from 1/8" thick steel and will help give you back any lost rigidity of your hood or any other body sheet metal or fiberglass. They also provide a template for a clean, round cut, or cover up sharp sheet metal edges from a previous cut.

You can use one per shock, or shock hoop for just the exterior, or two per to sandwich your body panel for even more strength. We use these for up to 2.5" coilover shocks.

Available oval inside dimensions are as follows:

7"x5.5"  (Typically for rear shock setups where the shock is mounted to a cage and needs to go through an inner fender or floor)

11.25x3.125 (Typically for front shock hoops where the shock hoop just barely pokes through the hood)

15.75x5.375 (Typically for front shock hoops where much of the shock hoop is above the hood and has to also clear the body of the shock

Email us for custom sizing. info@flopshopfab.com

Sold Unpainted.

Sold with stainless steel hardware.

Price is per pair. 

While this product is normally in stock and shipping is quick please allow up to a 1-2 week lead time as they are typically made in small batches and we may not have product on hand at the time of order.





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